AEROXO is one of Russia's first commercial drone producers.
We have developed a new generation long range UAV platform with
capabilities compared to any other commercially available drone
Eldar Razroev
(Co-Founder & CEO)
Eldar is a serial entrepreneur. Previous positions include COO of Wikimart, one of Russia's largest e-commerce platforms, CEO of Systema Mass-Media and Euroset, the country's largest mobile and electronics retailer. Based on his great experience in aerospace industry (including work on Tu-160 and Tu-204 at Tupolev Construction Office as chief engineer) Eldar has developed a breakthrough tilt-rotor concept that is currently used in Aeroxo's ERA-100 UAV platform. Eldar graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and holds a PhD degree in economics.
Ilya Golubovich
(Co-Founder & Chief Strategist)
Ilya is the founding partner of I2BF Global Ventures, a New York based venture capital group focused on early stage technology investments with $400 million under management. He is a member of the board of directors of Nesscap Energy, Dauria Aerospace, Solix Biosystems and Primus Power. Ilya’s investment portfolio includes Planetary Resources, a Seattle-based space exploration company involved in prospecting and mining of near earth asteroids. Mr. Golubovich is also a member of the Venture Advisory Council and Mentorship Board of the Skolkovo Foundation as well as the Advisory Council of the Physics and Astronomy Department of Johns Hopkins University. He formerly worked at the Energy Department of the London office of Louis Dreyfus commodity trading and at the Siberian Internet Company (Sibintek). He holds an industrial engineering degree from Stanford University.
Vladimir Spinko
(Chief Operating Officer)
Vladimir is the head of technical research at I2BF Global Ventures, where over the years he worked with dozens of technology companies and research labs in the fields of cleantech, nanotechnology and robotics. Prior to I2BF Vladimir has been developing artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Vladimir graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a masters degree in applied physics and mathematics.
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